Another massive earthquake hits Nepal

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Disaster Response Fund

Quick Gift Guide

Your gift could help buy:

  • $10 = Box of Nails
  • $35 = Roof Shingles
  • $50 = Low Flow Toilet
  • $75 = Window
  • $100 = Kitchen Sink
  • $150 = Front Door
  • $500 = Siding

On May 12, a second massive earthquake hit Nepal only two weeks after the first earthquake that displaced 2.8 million people. To help, Habitat for Humanity is removing rubble and debris and plans to help 20,000 families with transitional and permanent shelter assistance. Your contribution to Habitat's Disaster Response Fund will help our efforts in assisting people affected by the earthquake and other disasters.

Habitat for Humanity has worked in Nepal for 18 years and has helped tens of thousands of families in need of decent housing.